After 16 years, starting at CBS Radio, WECK-AM, JOY-FM and MIX 96, I am no longer at Townsquare Media and the switch for Spotlight on Health – a show I did there for 12 years- has been shut off. My sponsors covered the cost of the air time and a few ads we ran in local healthcare oriented newspapers around town. I was blessed by wonderful sponsors, some for all 12 years: DENT Neurologic Institute, Mercy Hospital, LifeCell Dx, Success Stories, Inc. and others: Hospice of Buffalo, UNYTS, People, Inc. Over that time period, I never took a dime for my time on air. For me, it was far more important to highlight critical health issues and feature local experts. The intended outcome was to secure current and accurate health, medical and behavioral health information from local experts. The show was produced by my not for profit, Spotlight on Hope, Inc. – a 501 c 3. I had two outstanding producers who became good friends, Bob Hill and Dale Mussen. They were so wonderful to work with and represented a dying breed of gentlemen in business. They were different because, like me, they truly cared about the output – the final product. It had to be right or they would do whatever it would take to make it right. Sadly, that type of concern and attention to the client is sorely missing in most media. The proof – I must have had 15+ reps in my time doing my shows at one location.

My listeners would understand more about health, medical family history and where to go to get help without leaving western New York. Simple plan. Very effective. How did I know? The station got calls. I got calls, letters, emails and stopped if my name was announced in public. “Are you the guy who….?”

Having started on radio in 1995 at WBEN 930 AM at the invitation of Mr. Larry Levite, then owner of Algonquin Studios in the WIVB-TV, Channel 4 building on Elmwood Avenue, I got my launch. Larry is now owner of Buffalo Spree and he’s a very good man. He was very good to me at WBEN and he loved that we were the only weekly, live, health talk radio program. My show was Frankly Speaking and I was there for four years – always Live!

I’ve been doing health talk radio for 21 years and I’ve loved it for so many reasons. The biggest thrill was when I’d talk to someone who was impacted by the show; therefore, if we helped people get help, feel better or even save a life, I can tell you it was worth every bad weather day and parking hassle (and several tickets).

We are far from finished or off the air! In fact, expect to see us again on WBBZ-TV and You Tube before the end of 2016! How about that? Looking for sponsors! See you soon!


About radioman961

President, Success Stories, Inc. - a marketing and management consulting firm since 1990. I hosted a weekly health talk radio program, Spotlight on Health and started a not for profit, Spotlight on Hope, Inc. I serve as the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of LifeCellDx, Inc. (now for sale). Co-writer of Episodes the movie.
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